At Borden Steel, our industrial maintenance team is dedicated to saving you time and money by maintaining your equipment on a regular schedule. Our preventative maintenance service agreements help prevent issues before they arise, ensuring maximum uptime and minimizing mechanical breakdowns.

Prioritizing preventative maintenance for your industrial equipment results in a longer lifespan, improved performance, increased productivity, a safer working environment, and reduced energy waste. Discover the industrial equipment we service and learn how our preventative maintenance plans can benefit your business:

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are vital to material handling and many other industrial operations. Borden Steel ensures your conveyor systems remain in optimal condition through regular preventative maintenance, protecting your operations from costly failures.

Our preventative mechanical service and repairs for conveyor systems may include the following:

  • Troubleshooting conveyor belt alignment

  • Replacing worn-out belts

  • Inspecting belts for edge damage, delamination, stretching, abrasions, and material carryback

  • Assessing rollers and idlers for misalignment or damage

  • Checking roller and idler tension and adjusting as necessary

  • Testing all equipment to verify peak functionality

Compactors & Balers

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of compactors and balers. Borden Steel helps you maintain a clean and efficient recycling and disposal process by inspecting and performing necessary upkeep on your compactors and balers.

Our preventative, mechanical service and repairs for compactors and balers may include:


  • Evaluating overall equipment performance and condition

  • Greasing all fittings

  • Thoroughly inspecting cylinder welds and seals

  • Inspecting hoses, crimps, and clamps and tightening as needed

  • Inspecting motor, starter, and pump for signs of wear or leaks

  • Checking electrical connections and wiring for signs of damage

  • Verifying the reliability of loading doors, safety switches, and other safety features

  • Adjusting pressure gauges and limit switches as needed

Dock Doors & Levelers

Regular preventative maintenance of dock doors and levelers is essential to ensure safety and efficiency in the docking bay. By maintaining these critical pieces of equipment, Borden Steel helps you avoid failures that could lead to significant injuries.

Our preventative maintenance service and repairs for dock doors and levelers may include:


  • Assessing debris levels below the leveler and advising on proper upkeep procedures

  • Checking and replacing the lip-out mechanism

  • Lubricating steel and moving parts

  • Inspecting dock seals and bumpers

  • Evaluating the structure for signs of corrosion or damage

For hydraulic dock doors and levelers, we inspect cylinders, hoses, fittings, and power units, check hydraulic fluid levels at every service call, and refill them as needed.


Hydraulic/Pneumatic Motors, Pumps & Cylinders

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are commonly used in various industries, including automotive manufacturing, construction, and water treatment. Borden Steel ensures these systems operate safely and efficiently through thorough inspections and maintenance.

Our preventative maintenance service and repairs for hydraulic and pneumatic systems include:

  • Inspecting electrical components, including conduit boxes and control boxes

  • Assessing hoses, cylinders, fittings, and power units for wear or damage

  • Checking fluid levels and refilling as necessary

  • Lubricating moving parts

  • Evaluating equipment for signs of wear and tear

High-Pressure Hydraulic Presses

High-pressure hydraulic presses are vital in various operations, such as forging and metal forming. Borden Steel ensures these powerful machines operate at peak ability through thorough maintenance.

Our preventative maintenance service and repairs for high-pressure hydraulic presses include:


  • Checking hydraulic lines for leaks

  • Refilling fluid levels as needed

  • Inspecting the surrounding area for loose or missing bolts

  • Lubricating rods, bushings, and rams

  • Checking oil temperature

  • Assessing electrical components for wear or damage

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