About Us

Borden Steel & Equipment: Rooted in a Rich Legacy of Construction Excellence


Borden Steel & Equipment has a rich legacy rooted in the construction industry of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our story begins with Borden Pitts, Jared's grandfather, who was a union ironworker in San Francisco. He contributed to the building of numerous iconic structures in the region, forging a family history of construction excellence. Today, Borden Steel carries forward that legacy of excellence, throughout the Bay Area.

Why We Started Borden Steel

The foundation of Borden Steel & Equipment was built upon the need for superior union labor in the construction industry. Recognizing the demand for highly skilled and experienced workers, we embarked on this journey to fulfill the need for quality millwright craftsmanship.

Why Choose Borden?

At Borden Steel & Equipment, our commitment to quality and heritage runs deep. We proudly carry forward Bordens legacy, passing down the expertise and values from one generation to another. Our logo features three stars, symbolizing Jared, his grandfather, and his son, representing our dedication to upholding this cherished family tradition.

Our People

The dedicated individuals who form the backbone of Borden Steel & Equipment hold various roles within our organization. From skilled installers to millwrights and welders, our team possesses the expertise required to execute projects to the highest standards. We value their contributions and recognize their vital role in our success.

Veteran Owned

Borden Steel & Equipment is a certified Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE). This certification holds personal significance for Jared himself as a veteran, having served in the US Navy Submarine Service from 2001 to 2010 aboard the USS Alabama. The experience gained during his service, including working on machinery and the reactor plant, and emergency welding adds a unique perspective to our team. We are proud to have a number of veterans as a part of the Borden Steel & Equipment team, recognizing their skills and dedication to service.

Services We Provide

Installation and Assembly Services:

- Car stackers
- Material handling equipment, including custom solutions

Industrial Maintenance

- Metal fabrication
- Cranes and conveyors
- Car stackers
- Regular adjustments & lubrication

Industrial Repairs

- Heat exchanger repairs
- Hydraulic repairs
- Crane repairs

Material Handling Equipment

- Conveyor systems
- Conveyor belts
- Pallet lifts
- Loading docks

Fall Protection Systems

- Guardrails
- Safety cages
- Anchor points
- Soft goods

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